We are a family leisure angling club with a good estate of picturesque, well stocked, mixed fisheries in and around South Yorkshire.

The club was formed in 1970 by the members of the Sheffield & Rotherham Constabulary match fishing Team. Whilst very successful in competitions, members of the team thought it would be nice to have a water of their own where they could fish with their family and friends.

That ethos has continued to this day.

Sorry the club is NOT issuing any new memberships at all.

Please scroll down the page to view our club’s rules & policies.

SYPAC's Rules & Policies

Fishing Rules

1. Membership

Official members are permitted to fish the Club waters. Members must be in possession of a valid membership card when fishing and must produce the same for inspection when requested to do so by any member of the Club, a bailiff or any official of the Club. Please treat our club Bailiffs with respect at all times.

2. Day tickets

The Club does not issue day tickets, but guest permits may be purchased in advance by a police, associate or student member of the Club for guests, family and friends. The guest must be accompanied at all times by the member and the guest permit must be duly completed to show Guests Name, Members Name and Date. Permits are valid for one day only. The system for the purchase of guest permits will be published by the Management Committee on the Club Website, in the Club Information Package and on newsletters from time to time. Members of water specific sections are not entitled to purchase guest day permits or fish any of the Club Access Waters.

3. Close seasons

The normal close season operates between the 15th March and 15th June on all rivers. There is no close season for any of the Club ponds, lakes or canal. The predator fishing season remains 1st October until 15th March, however lure fishing is allowed at other times.

4. Hooks

Only barbless hooks may be used and members fishing may be required to present their hooks for inspection, Failure to do so and the use of barbed hooks will result in revocation of membership. Micro barbs are however allowed for use on rivers and canals. Pike fishing, all lures must be barbless, however micro semi barbed hooks are allowed for dead bait fishing, to enable safe mounting of bait.

5. Keep nets

Keep nets may be used in official matches only. Any carp over the weight of 10lb should be weighed and returned to the water. Carp friendly keep nets should be used in the interest of fish welfare. Carp should be retained in a separate keep net to other fish. A maximum of 5 carp allowed in a keep net at any time. If this is not observed on a match, then a return booking will be refused. When weighing fish from keep nets, this must be completed over the top of a protective carp mat, then the fish returned safely into the water as soon as possible.

6. Parking

Please park in the allocated places and with due thought to other members. When fishing canals & rivers on Estates lanes, access tracks, paths gates etc. must not be blocked or obstructed in any way. When parking their vehicles members should be aware that large agricultural vehicles and equipment need wide turning areas especially near gates giving access to fields & land.

7. Litter

No litter must be left – please take away discarded lines and hooks, and cigarette butts.

8. Radios

No audio or radio equipment is allowed unless used with adequate earphones so they cannot be heard at adjacent pegs.

9. Junior members

Junior members are welcome but should at all times be under the care and supervision of a responsible adult member.

10. Injury and loss

The Club and its officials accept no responsibility for any injury, damage or loss occurring to any member, or his/her equipment or vehicles whilst attending at any of the Club venues. If rods are taken into the water by a fish, then this must be reported to the club.

11. Respect

Members must at all times respect the interests of fellow anglers and the reserving of swims (except for official matches) is prohibited. Loud foul and abusive language will not be tolerated. This is a family club, and please respect this.

12. Damage to vegetation

No damage must be caused to any vegetation, wildlife or banks – any person found committing damage will be prosecuted and will have their membership revoked.

13. Bait bans

Tiger nuts and peanuts of any type are not to be used on any of our waters. Live baiting is not permitted at any time on any of the Club Waters. There are no other bait bans, but members are asked to use ground bait in sensible quantities. Luncheon meat is allowed in reasonable quantities only.

14. Licence

All members must be in possession of a current National Fishing Licence, have the licence available for inspection and produce the same when requested.

15. Fish deaths

Members should report any sightings of fish deaths, pollution or damage to a bailiff, committee member or via the website.

16. Toilets

Swims are NOT to be used as toilets. Urination is however allowed in close proximity to your swim, as long as this is done in a private manner. We have children that attend with adults, so please respect this.

17. Night fishing

Members can night fish on agreed waters only. Members to observe the 2 rod limit. Where residential properties are close to the venue due consideration must be given to the residents and their animals, members night fishing should arrive and leave at times when sleep is unlikely to be disturbed.

18. Nets

All nets must be left out in the open in sunlight for 30 minutes before use to help prevent spread of disease. Members must be in possession of their own landing nets.

19. Dogs

Dogs are allowed at certain waters, but must be kept on a lead and under control. If not, then consideration will be given to removing your membership. Members wishing to take a dog with them should check with the bailiff as to where or not they are permitted. An enquiry can also be made via the Club admin line or contact box on the website. Dogs are not permitted on rivers & canals located within estates.

20. Fires

No open fires on any waters. Barbecues and stoves allowed, however these must be responsibly monitored, and barbecues must be off the ground.

21. Smoking Safe

smoking policy for all waters other than Woodsetts (banned at this venue). Safely extinguish and remove cigarette ends from the venue to prevent litter build up and fires.

22. Fish handling and care

Carp unhooking mats to be used for both carp and pike fishing. Photographs to be taken from a kneeling position, with a mat underneath. Fish to be returned to water as soon as possible to prevent stress.

23. Fishing line

Mainline braid is only allowed for lure fishing. It should not be used for any other style of fishing.

24. Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol is allowed in moderation. Please observe personal safety when consuming any alcohol on our waters. Excessive use can lead to poor fish care and damage, as well as creating personal danger to yourself.
Drugs and other illicit substances are not allowed on our waters. If found using banned substances, then your membership will be withdrawn, and the matter will be taken forward with the police.

25. Rule changes & amendments

The Management Committee reserves the right to amend or change the rules from time to time having due consideration to changing circumstances, fishing methods, baits and members behavior. Any such changes or amendments will be published on the Club website and included in the next Club newsletter.

Match Rules

  1. Keep nets to be Carp friendly.
  2. All nets to be brought to the venue dry if at all possible and in any case be left out on the bank for at least thirty minutes before the match.
  3. Silver fish and carp to be retained in separate nets, maximum of fifty pound of fish per net. Any fish over ten pound to be weighed and released immediately.
  4. Weighing of fish should take place over an unhooking mat.
  5. Barbless hooks only (micro barbs acceptable on canal and river) maximum size ten.
  6. On stillwaters all feeders to be free running, no fixed or elasticated feeders.
  7. No braided lines or hook lengths.
  8. Floating baits are allowed but great care should be taken to avoid loose feed floating into adjoining anglers swims. Also great care should be taken when fishing floating hook baits when water birds are present.
  9. No cat food, dog food or luncheon meat other than as a hook bait.
  10. Ground bait to be applied in cup or feeder only (except on canal and river where it may be thrown).
  11. No tins to be taken to your peg and all litter to be removed at the conclusion of the match.


Health and Safety Guidelines

  • Try to fish with at least one other angler, rather than on your own. If one gets into difficulty then another can help (if safe to do so) or raise the alarm.
  •  If you do fish alone, then consider wearing a lifejacket (ideally self-inflating) and/or utilising a dog spike and rope. You can either tie yourself to this or use it to assist in climbing up steep banks. This guideline is particularly applicable in poor weather, flood conditions, winter and during dusk or darkness. If you do use a lifejacket then ensure that it is at least compliant with BS EN 393 and that it is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Let someone know where you are going to fish and always advise of your estimated arrival time back home.
  • Ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear to keep you warm and dry. Wear a hat in cold weather.
  • If you are wading then it is advisable to use a wading stick or a bank stick to check where it is safe to go.
  • Do not wear waders in winter or whenever the banks are slippery.
  • Carry appropriate equipment: a fully charged mobile phone in case you get into difficulties, a whistle to attract attention, a torch.

Before fishing ensure that you have identified places to land and return fish, to ensure both your own and the fish’s safety.

  • Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks, e.g. if a fish is snagged near to the bank it is better to cut the fish loose rather than try a risky action to land it.
  • Take the weather forecast and river conditions into account.
  • Ideally you should carry a small first aid kit (containing at least some plasters, antiseptic cream/spray and pain killing tablets). Consider also carrying a space blanket. These are very small and light but are ideal to keep warm a person who is suffering from hypothermia. They can be purchased from a chemist. In case of hypothermia keep the victim out of the wind and cuddle (yes, cuddle!!) them until help arrives.
  • Layout your tackle so you know where it is.
  • Weil’s Disease (Leptospirosis) is a real threat around water and can be contacted through the smallest area of broken skin. Either wear gloves or, if you cut yourself when fishing, cover the wound with a plaster.
  • It is dangerous to fish with carbon rods or poles within reach of overhead power lines. Maintain a safe distance and do not carry assembled rods or poles under these power lines.
  • Never fish in a thunderstorm – lightning kills. Take shelter (not under a tree), lying flat if needs be, and ensure that carbon fibre and metal items are not near you.
  • Ideally you should be able to swim and to be able to swim fully clothed. See your local swimming baths for courses.
  • Never give or take alcohol during an incident or when winter fishing.
  • Watch out for undermined or silt-covered banks.
  • Whatever the provocation, do not be drawn into conflict with boat or canoe users, cyclists, walkers or persons fishing or attempting to fish who are believed to be non members or engaged in unlawful activity. Back off and gather as much information as you can that will help to identify them i.e. description, vehicle registration number etc. Report any unsavoury incidents.

Our club tries to treat all members with dignity and respect and we expect the same from our members. This includes users of our online Forum therefore we have set the following code of conduct for users and contributors to the facility.

Our Forum

Our Forum was established to provide a medium for our current members, a place where all feel comfortable and relaxed. In order to achieve this we have developed some guidelines to keep in mind as you interact on our Forum. We hope by providing these guidelines our members will have a more enjoyable experience and will be encouraged to return regularly.

Our Users

  • The facility and content are designed for individuals 13 years of age or older.
  • As a user of the forum you will uphold this code of conduct, and are responsible for all activities and content or comments you post/upload.
  • In addition to upholding this code of conduct, you are responsible for adhering to all applicable local and national laws

Prohibited Uses

SYPAC may without notice delete any post or remove any member from the forum where it is considered that the content of a post:

  • Incites, advocates or expresses pornography, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, hatred, bigotry, racism, or violence
  • Provides or creates links to external sites that violate this code of conduct.
  • Threatens, stalks, defames, defrauds, degrades, victimises or intimidates an individual or group of individuals for any reason; including on the basis of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race or religion.
  • ‘Junk mail’, ‘spam’, ‘chain letters’, ‘pyramid schemes’, ‘affiliate marketing’, or unsolicited commercial advertisement.
  • Besmirches the good name of the club or any member

Bans from commenting on the forum are lifetime and can only be reviewed under very exceptional circumstances.

SYPAC is not responsible for the content of any user-created posting, listing or message. The decision to view content or engage with others is yours. We advise you to use your judgment.

SYPAC  reserves the right to amend or change the code of conduct at any time without notice. We encourage you to periodically review these guidelines to ensure you are in compliance.

This is your forum. Help us make it strong, vibrant and enjoyable for all members. If you see content that violates this code of conduct, please report it to us.