This little mill dam sits twelve feet above the River Loxley adjacent to a retirement home on the road that climbs up from Malin Bridge to the moors above Sheffield. It is the physical presence of a bygone age and Sheffield’s rich industrial heritage.

It is the lowest of a series of dams in the Loxley Valley, dating from the 17th century, built to provide water power for industry.

Now surrounded on three sides by mature trees it has a public footpath running along its south western bank and set below the dam wall is a modern retirement complex.

The clear, cold waters of the Loxley flow in at the top of the dam and return to the river just prior to the dam wall. This continuous flow keeps the dam water fresh and oxygenated, but has resulted over the years in the top part of the dam silting up.

It holds roach, perch, bream, pike and the occasional chub. On warm summer days large dark coloured bream can be seen shoaling up in the middle of the water. Members report fish caught are in good condition, but as you bait up and get them feeding pike quickly appear on the scene looking for an easy quarry.

The water is also home to a community of ducks which are partial to floating baits, however they do provide some entertainment as they preen and squabble amongst themselves.

Parking is on the car park of the retirement complex adjacent to the dam wall. For health & safety purposes members are required to report at reception when parking cars to fish and then again when leaving.

Whilst this is not one of our usual waters it is worth fishing for a couple of hours, especially if you live in the area. You never know what you might just catch.


Loxley Mill Pond – Loxley Road, Sheffield, S6 4TF Grid Ref: SK 320823


Roach, Bream, Pike & the occasional Chub.

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