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Chairman’s Fishing Tips – Aire & Calder

By November 23, 2018 No Comments

Those oldest enough to remember the glory days of the River Trent in years passed where the only place we headed for was the river for the chub and roach fishing may recall at that time the Yorkshire canals were dour, polluted and contained very little. Now the Yorkshire canals (Stainforth and Keadby canal, New Junction canal and Aire and Calder canal) are in their own particular hey days.

As a full member of SYPAC you can fish the Aire and Calder canal on your Club permit. There are 11 miles of this wide deep canal, so to focus down a little there is actually no need to go anywhere other than Pollington and the Sugar Mills section at Rawcliffe. At the latter you can drive to most pegs.

The canal contains a massive head of fish which migrate along the lengths and often spend a lot of time in Cowick reservoir above Doncaster. From May onwards the roach and bream move up to Pollington and settle along the length of the canal until they appear to migrate again towards the colder months. Any bridge appears to have predator anglers nearby, as the canal as with every natural venue throws up some big perch and pike.

For a days pleasure fishing it is easy to catch with about 5 sections of pole into 7 ft of water. Beyond that groundbait into 10 to 12 ft of water for the skimmers, bream and roach and if it’s too windy then the feeder around 4/5ths across. What I really like about the Aire and Calder is that you are in the middle of nowhere, it’s a flat picturesque venue, with no interference from cyclists or other users, you look across at fields and the wide open spaces. It’s a place to try out new methods and being just ten minutes travelling beyond Thorne it’s closer than you think.

Dave Frost,
SYPAC Chairman