Shireoaks AC - Chesterfield Canal.

We have an arrangement with Shireoaks Angling Club for ten of our members to fish their
stretch of the Chesterfield Canal at any one time.

shrireoaks canal

This is a very picturesque part of the canal and runs from bridge 39 - the concrete road
bridge at Shireoaks on the Worksop side of lock 44 - Shireoaks Bottom Lock - to lock 41 
  - the first of the Turnerwood locks immediately past bridge 37 - Dukes bridge, the nice
red brick one that was rebuilt in 1996. 
Shireoaks Marina is included, but can only be fished from October to March as clearly
indicated on the British Waterways signage.

shireoaks bungalows

An agreement with British Waterways precludes fishing on the Worksop side of the road
bridge in Shireoaks village directly infront of the three bungalows and on the Turnerwood
side of the road bridge to a point where the grass verge ends and the offices of the
 transport company start.

Parking is available on the road in Shireoaks Village and on the roads around the Marina.

This part of the canal holds an excellent head of large chub and the marina is well
stocked with roach.

SYPAC members have have their Club sticker clearley displayed and produce a currernt
Club membership card to the bailiff on request.

To book a match on this stretch ring 07707 480 922.